This is a first for me….

Happy day after Thanksgiving, lovely souls!

I pray you all had a wonderful  Thanksgiving- ate lots of ham and turkey and everything else; spent time with family and friends. I know I did. 😀

I just wanted to let you know that I have a special post coming… on 30 November 2016. I’m sure most of you will be coming down from your NaNoWriMo high (I would love to hear all about your progress). So, I thought the last day of November would be a wonderful way to cap off the month.

Over the course of this last month, I have had the privilege of knowing and becoming friends with some amazing authors. One of which has agreed to take part in something….

So, without further ado, coming soon….


I’m so looking forward to sharing my interview with the lovely Te’ Russ!

She will be my first guest featured in a series of interviews that I plan on doing with some of my favorites (and I most definitely be returning the favor).

Until next time, lovely souls!

Keep flying….



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