The rest of my evening and December…

Hi, lovely soul! How are you?

The title of this post sounds like a chapter title, doesn’t it? Well… it does a bit to me. πŸ™‚

At any rate, the rest of my evening will be spent reading and doing a little bit of planning. Yes, planning. It may (or may not) come as a surprise to you all that I am picking up the pen again for the month of December. Seeing as I tried (and failed) NaNoWriMo this month, I’m giving myself another opportunity to complete 50,000 words in a month.

So, why not December? So much is going on for me… so much good. Christmas, graduation, and my birthday- plus other things.

So, tonight I will be in my planning cave, planning away…

What about you all?

Until next time…

Keep flying…

~ Angel



2 thoughts on “The rest of my evening and December…

  1. I completed NaNo (YAAY!), but am walking away from that WIP until January. Need to let the dust settle in my brain ‘cuz the story I ended up with is not the story I planned! LOL!

    Much success to you in December! πŸ’•


    1. WHOOOO!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! LOL! It happens like that. Edit it into what you want it to be, lovely!

      ❀ Will keep you posted!


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