I Never Want To Be “THAT” Author…

Hi, lovely souls.

Allow me to be honest, open, and raw for a few minutes. At the title states: I truly never, ever want to be that author. You know, the author that just says she’s going to put out stories and then, the stories never come? Or the author who reveals characters and blurbs only to have them pushed back and they come out years down the line? I am trying my hardest to never be that author.

As some of you know, I’ve already pushed back one series and ultimately scratched the series from my line-up. Or the series title may change. I’m not sure.

But, this year… has been a year of tiny writing days yet no completion. And that frustrates me. Which is why, today, that stops. Seriously. For the sake of my own sanity and the people behind the scenes of my life that are counting on me, I refuse to not complete a book this month. 

I know… 8 days seems to be a bit of a stretch, but I did complete a book last year in the exact time frame. So, I fully believe that I can do it again, if not sooner.

I won’t come on here again until I have a few completed works under my belt. I never want to be the ‘all talk, no action, nothing-to-show-for-it’ writer.

And I won’t be.

Here’s the flying high, onward and upwards, and to completed stories.

How’re you all doing?




2 thoughts on “I Never Want To Be “THAT” Author…

  1. Love your determination, but I believe you’re being too hard on yourself.

    Writing to stick to schedules and meet deadlines can lead to undue stress AND delivering a book that isn’t worthy of you. We also see THAT happening far too often.

    Pick a rhythm that works for you. If it’s a book or two a month…great. If it’s a book or two a year…that’s great too.

    Characters and plots give us enough stress, don’t add to it, or you’ll lose your joy for writing.

    Much respect. 💜


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