When I Look at You (free short).

As promised, here is When I Look at You. 


An Angel Mystique short

Your heartbeat is my favorite song. One I want to spend countless hours listening to before we go to sleep. Your voice is the last sound I want to hear, because, it still helps lull me into a peaceful sleep.

You, my dearest love, are … Home to me. Like my bones have found safety and my soul has found a quiet resting place.

I just need you to know that.


“Baby… you’re thinking too much. O is going to be just fine.”

I feel the soft stroke of your fingertips lightly trailing up and down my arms, and I exhale.

“Still thinking too much,” you chuckle, while kissing my right temple.

I melt more into your embrace, sighing once more. “But what if-”

Your lips come crashing down onto mine.



As if silencing my thoughts. In fact, you do. The sudden spike of nervousness in my belly vanishes as quickly as it had appeared.

“He’s going to be fine. He’s just getting his first haircut. He’s not going off to a war or something.”

I look up into your eyes, and I smile. Then, I laugh out loud.

“Want to come with us?”

“No. No.” I say, a little too quickly. “That should be a dad son bonding moment. Just send me pictures. I’ll see him when you all get home.”

You drop a kiss onto my lips again, this time, lifting me and sitting me on top of you.

“I love you,” you say, while gently kissing the left side of my collarbone.

I shiver. Can’t help it. You just… do that to me. Still.

After nearly seven years, you still manage to make my body respond to you in a way only you can.

“I love you, too.”

You wink, before giving the other side the same treatment.

Lick, nibble, suck.

“Show me how much.”

My hands find the nape of your neck, and I smile at you, as I drop a kiss along the right side of your cheek.

When I look at you, I see everything. Your concern. Your love. Your heart. When I look at you, I see me. For we are one in the same. Same heart. Same flesh. Same soul.

“Yes, sir.”

You gently grab the back of my head, as your lips come crashing down on mine. Hard this time.


© Angel Mystique, 2017 


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