A Best-selling Author Friend Stopped by today …

Hi, lovely souls! I’m humbled beyond belief right now that I have the privilege of sharing Best-selling Author Siera London’s latest, upcoming release with you! She’s such a wonderful person and friend. I love her to pieces!
Without further ado, here is the cover for her May release- COMMANDING HEAT.
Isn’t it H.O.T.????? 😉
And here’s the blurb! 😀
On the run and alone, Victoria Curry has two weeks to rescue her father. Unfortunately, she wakes up in a hospital bed, with an intriguing stranger whose voice she recognizes, and five days left. With no money and no one to turn to, how long does she have before she’s captured again?
Firefighter, Trace Fletcher’s organized life is turned upside down when he pulls an unconscious sleeping beauty from a fire. He knows he can’t have her, but from the moment she turns those soft brown eyes on him, he never wants to let her go. The veiled fear lurking in their depths, calls to his dark past and the life he left behind.
For Victoria, Trace is unlike any man she’s ever met, and she has every intention of exploring the passion he commands, until reality catches up to her. The heat between them rages out of control, but their passion comes at a price. When danger comes knocking demanding payment, it’s not just Victoria’s life in peril, but the carefully constructed walls Trace has erected between his old life and new beginning.
Be sure to hop on over to Amazon and 1-click on 11 May 2017! You won’t regret it! 
Keep flying high, 
Angel Mystique

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