Interview with….. Author Felicia Reevers!!!

Hi, lovely souls!

Today, I have a treat for you. Author Felicia Reevers decided to stop by today. Here is our interview. Enjoy!


Angel: If you could pick any place in the world to live, with anyone, where would you live and whom would you live with?


Felicia: My FIRST choice would be Amiens or Vouvant, France. I love the feel of these small towns. It’s like another world. Peaceful, beautiful, clean, and friendly. But seeing as how my mister of thirty-three years is not going to get on a plane, I’ll go with San Diego, California. I love the climate and the water!


Angel: Red or blue? Green or purple?

Felicia: Silver or gold? Red. Purple. Silver.


Angel: What’s your favorite season and why?


Felicia: Definitely fall. Love the colors and cooler temps. Funny I now live in a state that looks the same year-round! LOL!


Angel: If you could live in any time, which era would you live in and why?


Felicia: I’d stick with now. As a child of the 60s and 70s, I believe my generation has seen the best of “modern” times in this country so far. It was by no means perfect, but people were nicer and more involved in their neighborhoods and communities as families. Everyone wasn’t rushing around busy with being busy – and I’m not referring to having to work.


My parents raised nine children, and we were involved in sports, music, clubs, and had part-time jobs, but dinner was eaten as a family every day…weekends included. We talked during the meal and no subject was off limits. Fast forward twenty years and I raised my own children the same way. Missing family dinner was not an option.  Even now as adults, my children prefer to all visit at the same time so we can share a meal together. Strong family values can last for a lifetime.


Yes, I was born at the correct time, in the correct era.


Angel: What would your best friend say about you, if they could brag on you?


Felicia: I’m supportive and am always available. 3 AM or 3 PM…doesn’t matter. I may not have all… or any answers, but I will always be there and listen for my true friends. And, I won’t miss a chance to bring laughter into the situation.


Angel: Cake or ice cream?


Ice cream…always!


Angel: As far as movies go: suspense/thrillers, action, dramas, or horror?  Why?


Felicia: Action, preferably, science fiction, because I love movies that think outside the box!


Angel: Day or night? Sun or moon?

Felicia: Night and moon. I’m a night person. Always have been. I like the silence.

Angel: If you could be any animal, which would you be any why?


Felicia: Black Panther. They have speed, agility, and are born survivors. They do not run away from confrontation, and are no one’s prey.


Angel: What would your spouse say about you?


Felicia: LMAO! Had to bring him into this, didn’t you? LOL! Probably that I’m a good wife and mom, and even while dealing with a debilitating illness, I don’t allow anything to come before my family; that I’m organized to a fault and have very little patience for anyone who isn’t; that I have no problem laughing at myself so laughing at someone else is going to happen…frequently; that I know…and do sing…the words to every song in every Disney animated movie, and that I’m bossy! LOL!


Angel: Gosh, you’re a phenomenal woman! Finish the phrase: I’m happy when I….

Felicia: What else – READ!


Angel: Finish the phrase: When I look into his eyes…

Felicia: I see me! WOOT!



Angel: Finish the lyrics & name the artist: “I think about the day I met the perfect stranger. I think about us. The sun was shining on you. The Lord was smiling on me. Love was calling us….” (11 words.)


Felicia: I had my mind made up, I can’t stop loving you – the mister is a big Kem fan!

Angel: Finish the lyrics & name the artist: “If I could, I’d give you the world. Wrap it all around you. Won’t be satisfied with….” (7 words).


…with just a piece of your heart! ANITA!


That song came out the year I was married. AHEM! Were you even born yet? LOL!



Angel: Anita is my mom’s favorite female singer. Kudos to her for introducing me.

Finish the lyrics & name the artist: “Let’s groove tonight. Share the spice of life…”


Felicia: Baby, slice it right; we’re gonna groove tonight. EW&F are always on the playlist!


Angel: Finish the lyrics & name the artist: “Captured effortlessly. That’s the way it was. It happened…”


Felicia: I did not know it was love. Chaka when she was with Rufus


Seriously? Have you been talking to my kids? LOL!


Angel: No, ma’am. Maybe we’re soul related LOL. Writing by hand or typing first drafts?


Felicia: Both actually. I have an 8X5 ring binder I always write first drafts/outlines in. Even when I begin typing the story, I still add to my handwritten drafts.



Angel: I love writing by hand, though I’m taking a serious break from it. Do you slip a bit of yourself into the Heroines you write?


Felicia: I didn’t think I did…I tried not to. But friends and family who read my first book SWEAR they see a lot of me in Olivia Chandler. I’ll just have to take them at their word because I still do not see similarities.


Angel: I know you participate in NaNoWriMo, do you WriMo any other month?

Felicia: It’s April and I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo right now, and will participate again in July. There’s a great support network, and I always have a friend or two participating so we can bitch, whine or cheer each other on.

I like “being under the gun” with the clock constantly moving forward because NaNoWriMo has the only deadlines my mind respects! LOL!


Angel: Do you work on one WIP at a time or multiple?


Felicia: I write the same way I read. Three or four projects at a time. My stories are character-driven so whenever the voices in my head take off…I’m obligated to follow.


Angel: What comes first for you: the blurb or the entire story?


Felicia: The story has to come first. The blurb is always in the back of my mind, but stories can quickly change direction possibly making any pre-written blurb irrelevant.


Angel: If you could give one piece of advice to this up-and-coming generation, what would you leave them with?


Felicia: Follow your first mind and ‘do you’. Find what works for you. Never attempt to copy someone or be like them. Write YOUR book YOUR way. Everyone has a system or gimmick and is dying to tell you how to write a bestseller. Just because one author writes a certain genre and uses certain systems doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Consequently, never allow anyone to talk you out of trying something. It didn’t work for them, but you don’t know how much of the failure was because of what they did or did not do.  Own your failure and success.


Angel: What’s on your writing agenda for 2017-2018?


Felicia: I have a novella, and book 2 of In the Best Interest of the Child releasing before summer, and two more standalone novels releasing before the holidays. I’ve been asked to contribute a novella to a holiday anthology…but we’ll see.


I’m also taking part in the Writing Cooperative’s 52-Week Writing Challenge, and a new novella will begin on my author website soon.



Angel: Thank you so  much for stopping by! I can’t wait for what 2017 brings for you, Ms. Felicia!


You can find Felicia Reevers here:


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In the Best Interest of the Child – Kindle Unlimited




Until next time, lovely souls! 🙂 ❤

Keep flying high…

Angel Mystique x 




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