Hi, lovely souls! Happy Monday!

Today, I wanted to bring you all a little something different. As the title of this post states, I’ve completed not one… but three books. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with you since their completion.

All three of these books will be published this year. With the first one, SLEEP SWEETLY debuting on Amazon 19 May 2017. The next two books, AMAZE ME & TRUST ME will be released on 12 June 2017 and 12 July 2017.

I’ll share everything about all three books, so if you’ve been patiently waiting to hear when my books were finally coming out, stay tuned 😀

First, let’s talk about SLEEP SWEETLY. 

My debut coming 19 May 2017, SLEEP SWEETLY (the first version) took me only five days to write. The story was good. I was excited. I was ready to get it edited and then… I had to change the cover! Which prompted me to change the entire story! Nevertheless, I am proud of SLEEP SWEETLY in its final form.

Here is the shiny, new cover (the one you’ll see when you 1-click on Amazon) and the blurb.

Sleep Sweetly

***Please note: This standalone is a Paranormal love story. You have been warned. Romance and an HEA may ensue. It isn’t likely this will happen though.***

“… Once upon a time…”

Riley Sinclair wakes up in the same place every night- not in a bed, refreshed. No.  She awakes in the woods -alone- as the sun peeks through an opening in them. To make matters worse, her ex-boyfriend who was murdered (or was he?) keeps haunting her dreams, trying to commune with her.

Putting her best foot forward, taking the steps to move on, Riley is struggling. For every time she closes her eyes, Jerome is there.

When your curse is to be without the one you love, you do everything in your power to reverse it, right?

In dreams, he waits for her, hoping that she’ll see the truth and sleep sweetly.


I hope you love Sleep Sweetly just as much I as loved writing it 😀


What’s next…?

I was going to save these two for a later date *Friday, cough* but I’ll share them now.

Coming June and July 2017….. Two standalone books. One short story. The other? A novella.

I’m getting back to my romance roots, and I hope these two contemporary romances show just that.


Here are the covers and the blurbs for them. Keep scrolling for a special treat at the end of this post!


Amaze Me, a black love contemporary short story, centers around Jude and Vienna- two misunderstood adults looking for the right kind of love. After having experienced many setbacks when it came to relationships, both of them are ready to move on to someone new. Walk with them, as Jude and Vienna discover what love can be when it amazes them.



Sometimes, all it takes is trust.

Blake Harper has only loved one woman: Samantha Chandler.
The one woman who broke his heart years ago, Blake finds a way to get in touch with her again. Who knew she would say yes to meeting face to face again? Who knew she would allow herself another chance with him?

Who knew they both would begin to trust each other… surprising each other along the way?

TRUST ME is Blake and Samantha’s story of redemption. Join them, as they find themselves all over again- together.


*You can find the Pinterest boards for both SLEEP SWEETLY & TRUST ME below* 


You can add SLEEP SWEETLY to your Goodreads WTR list now! 😀

Thanks for reading!

Keep flying high,

Angel Mystique x 


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