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Before Time Began Again

“What do you desire most in the world?” Lady Barbara questioned her husband one night, as the sky was seconds from turning yellow- the sun bathing the horizon.

Wrapped in flesh, a cocoa brown façade with black hair and a neatly trimmed goatee, Nathaniel Star smiled, bringing his wife’s petite, slender frame closer to his side.

“I want to rule this realm and keep ours safe.” His voice boomed as he watched the stars twinkle, seeming so close, yet in reality, millions of miles away.

Lady Barbara smiled. “You are still the same as you were when we were in our twenties.”

“And I remember that was what you loved about me.” Lord Nathaniel smiled down at his wife, his eyes twinkling.

“Still do,” she confirmed, pressing a kiss against the long, white robe he wore- over his heart.

“If you are by my side, I can make it, my love. We can make it.”

“And I always will be.”

Lord Nathaniel pressed a kiss to his wife’s forehead, squeezing her hands.

“Ready to go home?”

Lady Barbara smiled, her brown eyes alight with something like mischief.

“Ready to give you another heir.”

Closing his eyes, Lord Nathaniel chuckled and smiled. He thought of his boys… and his wife. As the warmth spread across his body, the burning within him became too much. It was always too much whenever he ascended back.

Lady Barbara now glowed a bright, sky blue, as she squeezed her husband’s hands.

He focused on the radiant form- his wife- before him, as he turned a bright, golden yellow.

Both stars floated toward the sky, streaking across the atmosphere a moment later.

How They Came to Be

They had survived so much together. The tragic storm that happened what felt like centuries ago. It sent them spinning in their car, deep into the ocean. Miraculously, they survived and shared not only a deeper love for each other but a secret as well.

Somehow, after every organ in their bodies shut down, the oxygen leaving their lungs, thirty minutes later, they emerged from the water- revived. Gripping onto a stray piece of wood, Lord Nathaniel tucked his wife close to his left side. Eventually, they found land, and then burning began. Deep, long spurts of burning that swallowed their screams whole- until, one day, they embraced it. Embraced the light inside of them that itched to break free.

And every time the sun would set and the moon would appear, Lord and Lady Stat would shift from flesh and star- floating   the sky.

And they would twinkle, dwelling within the sky, until they chose to visit Earth for a season.



“You mentioned an heir.” Lord Nathaniel grinned from ear to ear, as he approached the open space where his wife stood, gazing out into the universe.

“And they are sleeping peacefully,” Lady Barbara whispered, smiling at her husband.

Clouds surrounded them, serving as beds.

Two, beautiful sons. One year apart.


The other Nash.

“And they will be great.”

Lord Nathaniel’s arms wrapped around his wife’s waist.

“We can only hope and pray they all will be.”



Thoughts? Comments?  Drop a line in the comment box below. I hope you enjoyed this short.


Until next time,

Keep flying high! 😀


Angel Mystique x ❤ 


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