Superhumans, girls, and…

Hi, lovely souls!

Happy Wednesday! How are you all? I hope you are well. So, what am I going to talk about today? I’m going to give you a little peek into the lives of the other two heroines within the Sleep Sweetly Series. Universe? Series.

Oh, right! That’s right. I’ve made a few, small changes to the cover of Sleep Sweetly.

1. Sleep Sweetly Book 1 Cover

See? 🙂 Small.

Well, there are two more books within the Sleep Sweetly Series. And in the back of Book 1, I added the first chapter for the second book (a side short, really)- SWEET DREAMS. Seeing as this story is a side short, I’ve decided to place it on pre-order. The link should be live soon! 😀 I will update this post when the link is live. 

I’m here to talk about the girls… and their superpowers! Yes, the other two girls in this series are superhuman….. (Ooooohhhh!!!)

We see Teagan’s power unveiled in the side short, SWEET DREAMS. She’s got the ability to harness and unleash lightening and create storms as a means of defense and protection.

In book 2, my heroine Paisley’s power in all things water. Aqua-woman, if you will. Her story will be a WIP sometime next month.

So, do any of you write superhero stories? Seeing as this is my first time venturing into this sub genre of fantasy, I’m excited.

Any tips? Tricks? Leave me a comment below! 😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday, lovely souls!

Until next time!

Keep flying high…

Angel Mystique x 



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