Hi, lovely souls!

I just wanted you to know that my third published work: SWEET DREAMS: A SLEEP SWEETLY SHORT (BOOK 2) is NOW LIVE!

24 June 2017! Welcome to the world, SWEET DREAMS! 😀

Here is the order link, as well as the cover and blurb!

Sweet Dreams- SS book 2 (2)

Teagan Sinclair just wants to breathe again. Trapped in the shadow of her missing sister, grappling with her senior year of high school, Teagan has had her fair share of pain. From the loss of her sister, to being disconnected from her parents, she’s had about all she can take.

Until life throws her some more uncommon… almost out of this world occurrences to add to her plate. When a handsome stranger seems to know her better than she knows herself, it’s just the beginning…
Of what very well could be the end.


ORDER NOW: http://a.co/7s2t2X3 

I hope you enjoy this interesting conclusion to my SLEEP SWEETLY world. 😀 ❤

Until next time,

Keep flying high…

Angel Mystique x 


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