HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO XIO AXELROD. I couldn’t let this day pass without leaving my review of her latest book baby: FAST FORWARD, which is LIVE everywhere NOW!!!


Here is my review of Ian & Jessen’s story:

Headline: Oh, my heart…

This is my first time reading a MM romance since the dearly departed E. LYNN HARRIS… So, I went into reading Axelrod’s beautifully written (as always, seriously… Just read her words slowly. They are magic!) novella featuring her newest couple, Ian and Jessen, with an open mind.

Jilted lovers with years of past hurt and pain between them… A common bond of misunderstanding… And a second chance to lay all their cards out on the table.

I smiled, swooned, and cried. I cannot wait to see where this series goes!!

Axelrod is right: at the end of the day, love is everything. Everything is love. It’s what matters!


Keep writing, Lady Xi!!!! I’ll gladly keep reading!!!

Again,  Happy Born Day, FAST FORWARD!

Angel Mystique x


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