What’s Next from Angel Mystique?

Hi, lovely souls!

It’s been quite some time. I believe the last time I shared news with you all was when TRUST ME  went live. That was July 12th! It’s been a month and eight days since that date. Speaking of TRUST ME, it hit the Top 100, and the highest it went was #67!

But that’s not what this post today is concerning. I know you all want to know what’s next from me, and I’m going to tell you.

Right. Now.

Coming 12 February 2018 -just in time for Valentine’s Day- is my next book: Love So Beautiful! I’m ridiculously thrilled, yet nervous, to share my fifth book baby with you all! Why? Because this story is near and very close to my heart. Not only that but Love So Beautiful  is the first book I’ve ever completed, since my USB erased itself and everything on it, ages ago!

That’s right!

Love So Beautiful is technically my first book baby ;). It took me only seven days to write! October 1-8, 2016, I penned Love So Beautiful by hand!!! I can’t wait for you all to read Josiah and Peyton’s story! It fits my Romantic Realism title/brand perfectly!

Romantic Realism

I believe Romance lies in every genre; though I won’t tackle every genre (at one point I did want to be that author who wrote and published in every genre), I do believe if you search hard enough, you can find a bit of love and/or romance everywhere. From Contemporary, to YA to Horror, Fantasy, Erotica- even Thrillers!- love is present. Hence, my writing everything I want, in any genre I want!

Until next time!

How’s the writing going? Read any good books lately?

I just finished AC JADE’s MEMORIES OF YOU, and it is BREATHTAKING! Go purchase it!


Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x 


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