Angel Reviews: Whence They Came: The Beginning


Vetis, the world’s first demon, seeks a human body to possess in order to spread darkness and evil upon a rapidly brightening world, but he cannot do it alone. He must have the help of a rival demon and his human sorceress in order to be successful.

With his cohorts all on the same page, Vetis begins his quest by damning the first humans created by god. One generation later, Vetis’ human body is ready, but the man isn’t quite corrupt enough to possess. In order to get him to the required level of corruptness, he needs Lilith to convince the man to lay with his sister and kill his brother. Only then will the man’s soul be black enough to possess.

Based on Genesis Chapters 1 through 5 and told from the demon’s perspective.

My 3-star Review: 

I love anything related to The Bible, and while this book was a bit of a struggle to get through, due to the style of writing, it didn’t hinder the story within. The road to the end is the real driving force to keep you reading.


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