Micro Fiction Piece

I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to forget everything concerning him. His taste. His smell. His touch. I didn’t want to remember him anymore, but, I still did.
Why? I don’t understand. I don’t have the answer. I only am left with the feelings that he left me with. The deep impact that his presence leaves me with. He lingers. Still. He lingers. It hurts, though. It hurts too deeply for me to voice, so that’s why I’m writing it out.
His name? Let’s call him Blake. Blake was everything to me. The man I wanted to have a life with. The man I wanted to share my life with.
And I wan’t enough for him.
That hurt like hell, but I got over it. Moved on. Forgave him. In the long run, he wasn’t worth it. Hating him wasn’t worth it. Thinking about him hurting wasn’t worth it.
So, I moved on from Blake… and learned to love myself.


On Finishing First Drafts: Short Stories

Hi, lovely souls!

Well, I have done it again: I have finished two short story drafts in the span of a few months. I got a late start on writing this year, and of course, plans shifted. I started over completely.

With ideas anyway.

But two ideas kept nagging me. Begging me to write them. So, I did. And oddly, they didn’t take very long to draft either.

The first story short I finished is not in my genre at all and totally out of my comfort zone. I’ll call that project #ProjectWave. #ProjectWave is a psychological thriller that needs a lot of work. Or maybe, it doesn’t. I haven’t read it, or even thought about it, honestly, since I printed out two copies and put it away in my writer closet downstairs. But I am planning on editing it, at least once, before compiling it with several other short stories into a secret project for next year. So, there’s that. 🙂

The second short I finished yesterday evening. This short is near and dear to my heart for a myriad of different reasons. This is another story that I’ve tried to *not* write for years. Finally, i finished it. Not a novel, not a novella, but I’m proud that I finished it. I’ll call this one #ProjectNasir. Like #ProjectWave, #ProjectNasir will be included in the secret project, after editing, formatting, and all that good stuff.

So, that’s all I have for now. I’m heading back on another hiatus- into my plotting and planning cave, before I actually start my next project. I have two more to knock out before year’s end.

Wish me luck? How are things with you all?

Until next time.

Keep flying high,

Angel Mystique x 


Writing Outside of My Genre + Hiatus

Hi, lovely souls.

How are you? I come bearing news.

7 days. 39 pages.

7 months of no writing until….

June 22!

Yes, I finally wrote something- and not only wrote it, but finished a first draft! I finished the first draft of a secret project last night. I printed it out and put it away for a while. I’ll go back and edit it. If I’m publishing it is still up in the air.

But, before I sigh again with relief, let me give you a little backstory on this project as well as my forced hiatus from writing. I had the story idea for years, and I struggled with writing it, because I was afraid. Afraid if I wrote and told this story that people would automatically think that I was a certain way. So, that held me back for years. I’m talking like almost a decade. This idea was given to me when I was still a teenager. So, fast forward some years, and last night around 8 o’ clock, I typed ‘THE END’ on the first 39 pages, almost 6K words. And I felt relief. Finally, the story that had been nagging me, is out of my head; at least until I edit it and make it what it needs to be. (There’s tons of telling, not a lot of showing in 1D, but hey, that’s okay, right?) I will at least edit it once or twice. 😉 Publishing it? I don’t know about that, just yet.

With the relief, I can finally get back to my writing roots: romance and love stories. They are my heart and soul. So, now that the past seven days are behind me, stepping back into the arms of writing what I love is going to feel really good.

Stepping out of my comfort zone taught me that writing in another genre was worth it; because romance and love stories weren’t flowing the way I wanted them to flow. Even while writing by hand.
Oh, yeah, and I typed up 1D 😀 All the typers rejoice!

So, after this current project, my first romance novel or novella of 2018 is complete, I will be a satisfied writer this year. I didn’t want to put so much on my plate, with grad school and work.

Let me pick up a pen and get to writing.

Until next time, lovely souls. 

Keep flying high, 

Angel Mystique x 





Hi, lovely souls! 

How are you? I hope all is well! I have a little something for you all tonight. Warning: it is different from my fiction work and doesn’t fall into romance or paranormal romance. It isn’t even Romantic Realism. I know. I wanted to try something a little different this go round.

I hope you enjoy it.

Without further ado… I give you…


An Adopted Twin Sister Short

By Angel Mystique.

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