A Thirteen-Day Streak & Realizations

Happy 2019, Lovely Souls!

How it this year going for you so far? For me? It’s been… interesting to say the least. I started out this year writing strong; determined to write at least 667 words a day, so that I could write 20K in a month. Originally, I had 4 projects planned. A three-novel series, with each book clocking in at about 60K; my last project of the year was going to be a polyam* suspense book. But, needless to say, once I pulled out my laptop and starting writing, nothing close to any of my pre-planned projects came on the page. Instead, i wrote 13 days of snippets. Some shorter than 667, some longer. That’s when I knew something was wrong. Then, on day 14, I had my first zero day and broke my first, personal “writing chain”. Here is what my days looked like, as far as word count:

Day 1: 683

Day 2: 792

Day 3: 702

Day 4: 682

Day 5: 1424

Day 6: 672

Day 7: 215

Day 8: 85

Day 9: 392

Day 10: 119

Day 11: 135

Day 12: 185

Day 13: 105

Day 14: 0

I’m not as disappointed in myself as I have been in the past. I find that to be growth. I’m happy that I am not crumbling under the mental pressure that I was in the past. So, what does this mean for me? Well, with wrapping up my MHA and writing not only for classes but for myself as well, it’s been a struggle. The balance has been a struggle. Today, I don’t know if I am going to keep writing snippets I am not emotionally invested it. I might take a week off, read all the things I can, and then return. Even the muses I found for a story aren’t speaking to me. As pretty as they are, I need to listen to them.


Be well, Lovely Souls.

Until next time.

Keep flying high,

Angel Mystique


From “Hiatus” to “Finished Test Novella”

Hi, Lovely Souls!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I, myself, had a day full of rest and relaxation. It was much needed.

I know I was supposed to be taking a break from writing this year, and I tried to fight that. Oddly enough, from 10 November until 21 November, something magical happened.

I finished my very, first (actual) romance novella. In. 11. Days. Yes, I typed it all. *grins* 

25,505 words in total, plus it now has a title. I am still in suspended animation or something, because I cannot believe a life-long dream of mine (in part) has been accomplished. It was a test idea. Something to prove to myself that I could, in fact, write and finish a novella.

And I am so proud of myself and happy, also. My Alphas and APs, I totally salute you all. Because without you, I could not have done this. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. And I love you all. I don’t know whether I am going to publish it right now (after editing it some). It might be one of those stories that never sees the light of day. Who knows, but I wrote and finished the thing. 🙂

So, in other news, while taking a bit of a mental break, I’m planning my first series of books. And I’m leaning heavily toward this series being my debut series of novels. The genre?

It’s a toss-up between contemporary romance and PNR (ParaNormal Romance). I really haven’t decided yet. But I have started a secret Pinterest board. I’m taking the rest of the month and all of December off for grad school- so that when January 1 comes, I am ready to go.

What’s been going on in your writing lives?

Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x 


Lovely Souls,

I am so happy to introduce you all to one of my favorite romance authors Danielle James! Her latest release (her 19th published novel) just went LIVE!

If you haven’t read her work, I highly suggest you give her a try!




Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JYNPHZR
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JYNPHZR
Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07JYNPHZR


I wasn’t supposed to fuck my boss’ wife.
But she was a flame and I was a stupid ass moth.
Everything about her made me want to get burned again and again.

She was amazing and dangerous but I couldn’t let lust lead me forever.

Then I found her.

But this wasn’t a moth getting burned by a flame.
This was tangible.
Her light didn’t burn. It sustained.
I’d do anything for her love…
I’d even grow the hell up.

I would walk through fire for her
I’d shout it from the rooftops.
But I had to be careful not to shout too loud because shouting from the rooftops that you were in love with one of your students came with serious consequences.

Go 1-click this. Right. Now.

Until next time, lovely souls!

Angel Mystique x


Angel Reviews: Whence They Came: The Beginning


Vetis, the world’s first demon, seeks a human body to possess in order to spread darkness and evil upon a rapidly brightening world, but he cannot do it alone. He must have the help of a rival demon and his human sorceress in order to be successful.

With his cohorts all on the same page, Vetis begins his quest by damning the first humans created by god. One generation later, Vetis’ human body is ready, but the man isn’t quite corrupt enough to possess. In order to get him to the required level of corruptness, he needs Lilith to convince the man to lay with his sister and kill his brother. Only then will the man’s soul be black enough to possess.

Based on Genesis Chapters 1 through 5 and told from the demon’s perspective.

My 3-star Review: 

I love anything related to The Bible, and while this book was a bit of a struggle to get through, due to the style of writing, it didn’t hinder the story within. The road to the end is the real driving force to keep you reading.

Here’s The Deal…

Hi, Lovely Souls. So, this post isn’t going to be one of good news, but one of self-reflection. Siting down? Good. This might be a long one.

As you all know, or may not know for my new subscribers, I have been struggling this year as a writer. Badly. So badly to the point where both my soul and my body are just tired. Drained. Spent. Done. I was hopeful that I would have another crazy, writing and publishing year, but that has not been the case.

When I published LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL, I was proud of myself. The work I had invested in myself and that story… was my highest. When I wrote that short for Shay Spivey’s Shades of BWWM Collection, I felt a little bit of myself coming back.

But as I sit here typing this for you, and for myself, I am ashamed. I am embarrassed. I feel like a failure.  This is me being honest- as honest as I possibly can.

There is a good fragment in all of this. I had been doing tons of reading. From Rachel Jonas, to KC Connor, to Siera London, Danielle James (the erotica, taboo queen), and Carmel Rhodes…. all of this beautiful, talented souls have taught me something about writing and falling in love with reading again. That’s what I have missed and needed this year, and every time I sat down to write, nothing would work. Now, I see why.

Reading and seeing how other craft stories was my key to unlock myself. I was so focused on writing that I neglected the main side of myself that needed to be restored.

So, looking forward, I am no longer a failure or guilt-tripping myself because I needed this year to myself, to restore myself, and to fall in love with reading again. Another thing I realize is that maybe romance isn’t what I need to be writing right now.  Yes, my brand is a Romantic Realism Author, and that will not change. But right now, I need to change genres. I need to shift my focus, so I can fall back in love with writing romance again. When the time is right for romance and I to connect, we shall.

I’ll continue to read more. I shall. I have missed it. Lending a hand where I can to those authors who I share a friendship and a sistership with… is very important to me. It’s what my goal is for the rest of 2018, while I continue to find me again. Something that I had a breakthrough about last night while on the phone with my SO is this: I’ve been attempting to write in the wrong genre. Romance isn’t home right now, at least not for writing. So, I’ll try something different in 2019.

Stranger Things has been teaching me a lot, too. (I adore that show!) 

So, there it is, lovely souls. Here’s to slowly finding me again.

Keep flying high,

Angel Mystique x 


DISCREET by Nicole French

Title: Discreet
Series: The Discreet Duet #1
Author: Nicole French
Publisher: Raglan Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 4, 2018


Fitz Baker was the world’s biggest sex symbol. Until he
Fed up with the trappings of fame, he traded his world of
Hollywood for a quiet life on Newman Lake. He was perfectly happy living as an
island. Until he met her.  
Returning home with nothing but a failed music career, all
Maggie Sharp wants is to rebuild her life. A life that doesn’t involve the
surly, arrogant stranger now living across the lake.
Still, there’s something about Will…Something familiar.
Something Maggie can’t quite put her finger on…
She only wanted the spotlight.
He gave up his life to escape it.
The real question is if they can remain discreet.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited


“I don’t like feeling like this,” Will said. 
I sucked a breath through my teeth. “Feeling like what?”
“Like this.” He took a step toward me, and I fought
not to step backward. Will had a quiet authority about him, and in the shadows
of the moon, his shoulders seemed to broaden, his legs seemed to lengthen. He
seemed larger than life. 
When he had me backed up against the porch railing, he
raised a hand, floating his fingers around my jaw, over my cheeks, but never
actually touching me. I arched toward his hand. I couldn’t help it. But he
hovered, never making contact. 
“You make me feel…” Will started. “Out of control.” 
I couldn’t move. “Oh?”
“Like I actually have to care about what someone else
thinks. Like I’m not alone anymore.” He paused. His eyes opened wide, following
the path of his fingers as they took hold of a strand of hair in my ponytail
and twirled. “And for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I don’t
want to be.” 
He tugged lightly on the strand, and I felt the slight pinch
like an arrow through my body, shooting down my arms and legs, and coming to
throb in that place no man had been for so, so long. I bit my lip. Will’s eyes
“Tell the truth, Lil. What do you want?”
You. The word echoed distantly, like a bell tolling
from miles away. I didn’t understand it. I was broken. A mess. What should I
want with this man? We had a connection, sure, but overall, he was nothing but
trouble. He was grouchy. A loner. Clearly had serious social and emotional
control issues.
And yet. There was no denying that something was here. Since
we met, it certainly felt at times as if the universe itself was tilting on its
axis, trying to knock me into him. Breakdown after breakdown. Meeting after
meeting. And now… 
I tipped my chin up so I could look directly at him, drawn
like one of the moths circling the porch light. Winging through the dark, ready
to dive into his golden inferno. 
“I don’t want Lucas,” I said quietly, drifting my gaze up
and down his naked torso. A sheen of sweat glimmered in the moonlight, which
also made the shadows of his muscles—the square pectorals, the solid rack of
abs, the lickable V that dipped beneath his shorts—that much more
Will followed my gaze, and his hand dropped. He stepped
between my legs, and his unique scents engulfed me. Working all afternoon only
made them that much stronger—the scent of pine trees, lake water, and man swallowed
me with a heady rush that made me shake slightly. And it was then, only then, that
he finally touched me. My waist was encircled by his wide palms, so broad that
his fingers nearly touched on either side. It was relatively innocent, but the
intent was clear. Just like last night, he held me still; I couldn’t move
unless he wanted me to. For that moment, I was his.
When I looked back up, his eyes were fixed on my lips.
Unconsciously, I licked the lower one. His pupils dilated even more.
“Lil,” he whispered as he leaned a little closer.
“What are you waiting for?” I murmured. Now I was the one
staring at his mouth—so soft and full under his newly trimmed beard. 
I panted. Will swore. 
“Fuck it,” he growled. “I don’t fucking know.”  
Sometimes you don’t know you wanted something until you have
it. Sometimes you don’t know you need something until it’s there. 
His mouth found mine in a fury, one that surprised me for
about a half second before. The hands at my waist gripped so tightly, I almost
couldn’t breathe, and I felt like I was strangled—not for lack of oxygen, but
for lack of him. Will’s lips made me feel like I was breathing for the
first time; like I’d been under water my entire life, and he was the air I’d
never known I needed.

Coming Soon

Releasing October 25, 2018
Author Bio
Nicole French is an East Coast/West Coast hybrid creature,
Springsteen fanatic, hopeless romantic, and total bookworm. When not writing
fiction or teaching writing classes, she is hanging out with her family,
playing soccer with the rest of the thirty-plus crowd in Seattle, or going on
dates with her husband. In her spare time, she likes to go running with her
dog, Greta, or practice the piano, but never seems to do either one of these
things as much as she should.

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