“Angel Mystique is a fresh voice in fantasy fiction. Her stories are filled with imagery that takes the reader on a journey to magic place filled with …mystique.”Olivia Gaines

“You’ll enjoy this retelling of the classic fairy tale, “Sleeping Beauty”. The author kept just enough of the original details for it to be somewhat familiar, but the twists and turns take it to a whole new level! I won’t give away any of the details, but I think you’ll quickly become a fan of Angel’s distinct storytelling voice and will enjoy the way her characters and plot come alive on the page. Don’t miss this fun read! Definitely worthy of this five-star rating.”

“Angel Mystique’s debut novella Sleep Sweetly is by far the most
interesting take on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale I’ve ever read! I’m
not usually a romance reader but the book came highly recommended and
I can see why.

Angel starts us off with a hauntingly sweet tale that gives us the
relationship between Riley and Jerome. A young love that was cut short
when Jerome passed.

As the story goes on, the author’s gift shines brighter as she
includes her Flair of Mystique if I may coin the term, by the twists
she adds to the story. One major twist in particular leads to a much
deeper, paranormal, even supernatural story than you expect from your
average retelling of a fairy tale, even one that is admittedly F’d up.” 


“This is her debut novella and it is spooky, sexy and wonderful!” 


“I love this out of the retelling of Sleeping Beauty… There is sex, a romantic twisty element, and it has enough creepy to keep you reading and saying, ‘oh, okay, she wrote that’!”
-Angelia Vernon Menchan
“Angel Mystique’s debut novella is amazing and worth checking out!!!! One-click today!”
“Enjoyed this story. The interactions between the main characters kept me smiling. I loved the hero’s reaction when he first saw our heroine: he was amazed by her beauty. How romantic!”- Siren Allen 
Amaze Me is Angel Mystique’s second published book and I enjoyed it. This author has a way of pulling you into a story through imagery. Vienna and Jude are searching for “the one”. The one, who can really see you and know that any chance with you would be amazing. Check this author out. 😊💕” 
…the author did a great job with showing me the characters in this story. I am looking forward to more of this author’s work. Good job!” –Author C. D. Samuda