Happy New Year! (Plus a free read)

Hi, lovely souls. Happy 2017. I know I’m a bit late ringing in the new year here but never fear. I’m back, and I’m bearing gifts in the form of a freebie. A short story posted below.

I hope you all enjoy it. Remember feedback is much appreciated.

Until next time. Keep flying high.




She was… everything. And then, she left. She didn’t just leave the one guy who had her back- not to mention her best interest. But she left the whole damn state. Packed up her shit without so much as emailing a brotha.

No cards. No smoke signals. Just complete silence. For years!

The last thing Nigel remembered her doing was grinning up at him for the picture his parents wanted them to take together. Little had he known he would be their last. So he smiled down into her gorgeous, slanted, sea-green irises, holding her tightly, as his parents both snapped the photo with their Smartphones. It was graduation day- warm yet cool because of the fall breeze that surrounded them. The day they both marched across the stage, shook President Warner’s hand, and both turned their tassels to the left. The diploma pickups would come some eight weeks later, but Nigel hadn’t cared. Bachelor’s Degree in Science, majoring in Psychology. They both had done it. Had finished. Had graduated and would be moving on to the next steps in their lives.

Hopefully together.

She had run off later, claiming that she spotted a far-off friend- one that she needed to catch up with. She hadn’t promised that she would be back, but Nigel waited anyway. Waited for the moment when he would see her face again, see that beautiful smile of hers. Hear her voice.

But she never showed.

Later that evening, the party that his family had planned was well underway when the doorbell rang. He yanked the door open, clad in a pair of gray sweatpants that hung loosely over his hips, some black, Nike socks, and a white beater. His heart pounded through his eardrums.

There was no one there to greet him. His large eyes scanned his surroundings. Not a single soul to his left nor right. Something told him to look down, so he did, his toes wiggling slightly.

A single, white lily lotus pad sat floating in a large, glass bowl on his front porch.

He scoffed, shaking his head before picking up the bowl. Closing the door with his right hip, and locking it with his right hand, he carried the bowl into the kitchen.

That was her goodbye, and she wasn’t coming back.


My mother always told me to watch out for the boys who smiled at you. The ones who made your heart race and you feel butterflies? Those were the ones she warned that I should stay away from. The problem was all of them smiled- except my Daddy. And he was the best man that I’d seen.

Still, I listened to her. Took her advice and kept my head down all my life- when it came to men and dating. Because all of them smiled, offering me things- like money and to ‘meet my needs. I turned every single one of them down. And I didn’t regret it for a second. Half of them were probably prodding me just because I was smart and decent-looking. I didn’t have for anyone to hold me back.

Even now, my mother’s been gone for years, and I’m still taking her advice. Sure, I opened up to myself, allowed myself to know what it meant to kiss a man…

But I still kept my head down, my legs closed, and my heart locked away in my chest.

Had to be that way.

The one boy I almost broke the rules for… nearly destroyed me. Destroyed any chance I ever had of becoming successful. He looked at me like I was everything to him, even though he claimed we were ‘just friends’. That’s where we needed to stay, because every time I looked into his eyes, I felt something. Something inside of me moved. I felt lighter underneath his gaze. And that scared me.

After meeting and damn-near loving Nigel Flint, I ran… as fast as I could. Far, far away.

And I hadn’t looked back…

Until now.





Surely my eyes had to be playing tricks on me, and my nose, too. I blinked rapidly. Yep. My eyes were most definitely playing tricks on me; my nose doing the absolute most.

The way that scent- her scent- careened up my nostrils so… effortlessly… long before my brain registered the fact that we were in the same vicinity? Nah. I either was dreaming or my mind was playing tricks on me. I inhaled; honey and cinnamon overtook my olfactory nerve. I closed my eyes, racking my brain as to my why my senses had chosen that scent.

Lily’s scent.

Surely she wasn’t here. Surely she was long gone, far away from her hometown. Far away from me. She couldn’t possibly be here- at the very coffee shop where we shared our first deep conversation over scones, lemon poppy seed muffins, and glasses of white and chocolate milk.

As I opened my eyes, the barista behind the register blinked at me- his lips moving, an impatient scowl on his face.

“Are you going to order anything, or are you just going to stand there looking like you’re having a spiritual encounter or some shit?”

I uttered a low “sorry” before stepping out of the line, my feet carrying me towards the restroom near the back, left side of the café. As soon as I turned on one of the three sinks, I splashed water on my face, letting the ice cold slap against my heated skin. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I took several deep breaths.

Focusing solely on inhaling and exhaling, my body began to relax.

I closed my eyes and opened them a few seconds later, trying to command my brain to focus on reality. Dabbing my face and drying my hands with a few brown napkins, I tossed them into the trashcan on my way out.

As soon as I rounded the corner, my feet stopped moving.

Cinnamon and honey.

The scent was back.

That meant…



I honestly hoped and prayed that I had been dreaming. But that wasn’t the case. The evidence stood right before my eyes.

She was staring right at me. She even looked the same. Not much had changed since I had last seen her. Except for the fact that her hair was platinum blonde and rested at the tops of her shoulders. In essence, she was still the same Lily…

When she smiled wearily at me- her eyes growing wide, nearing turning into flying saucers- I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what I should do next.

I just stood there- inches away from the woman who captured my heart five years ago- barely breathing. Everything around me faded as I watched Lily take several steps towards me, closing the empty space between us. Her scent filled my nostrils yet again, and this time, it took everything in me not to pull her into my arms.

You’re pissed at her, remember? My brain reminded me, as my right hand twitched. I slid both hands into the front pockets of my jeans, my thumbs hooking around the front belt loops. Glancing down at her, I waited for a moment.

My lips parted, the words about to leave my mouth. My eyes landed on her black, boot-clad feet, as I watched her shift her from her right foot to her left.

She licked her lips while looking into my eyes.

“Can I buy you a scone and some milk?”

I smirked.

We needed to start somewhere.

“Sure, Lily.”



Why’d you leave, Lily? That was the first thing out of his mouth. I hadn’t even had a chance to sit down and get settled, let alone take a bite of my lemon poppy seed muffin. I kind of expected him to cut straight to the heart of the matter. In truth, that was the reason for this impromptu sit-down.

My sudden disappearing act five years ago was the reason he…

Was he mad?

Did he hate me?

I sighed, looking into his eyes, while my fingers wrapped around the muffin.

“I want the truth, Lily.”

And he would get it. He wanted the truth that I owed him? He would surely get it.

“Do you hate me?” I needed to know before we went any further; before I gave him a valid reason for me to despise him.

He half-chuckled, half-scoffed under his breath.

“You know I don’t, Lily. Tell me why you left and stop stalling.”

Nervously biting my lip, I exhaled a shaky breath. My hands trembled as I lifted the muffin to my lips, biting. After washing the bite down with a huge gulp of chocolate milk, I found his eyes on me.

“You remember Jonas’ party the week before we graduated, right? The frat party in the dorms?”

His eyes lit up with recognition. “Yeah. I remember Jonas’ party. Why? Something happen to you that night?”

I paused, taking in his demeanor.


And something else…



He was scared…

“Your voice just cracked, Ni. Your voice never cracks, unless you’re hiding something.” I took my hands from around my muffin and sat both my palms on the small table facing upwards.

“I have no idea-”

“He tried to rape me that night. Jonas did. He slipped some sorta drug into my drink that night. You weren’t anywhere around. I needed you, and you were off screwing some bitch!” I hissed, my voice low. “I needed my best friend that night, but you weren’t there. You probably knew he was gonna do it, too.”

“Bullshit! You know I would never put you in harm’s way!”

He leaned in closer, closing the space between us, placing his hands over mine. I could feel his heated breath ghosting over my skin.

“You knew, Nigel. Just admit it. You knew he went after me, and you never said anything. You never said sorry. You never said-”

My skin was hot, as tears drifted down my cheeks. I snatched my hands away, my head turning away from him.

“I never said sorry, because I didn’t know, Lily! I didn’t know my sleazy best friend, who I thought was my boy was ever gonna betray me like that. I never knew he even liked you like that!”

“C’mon, Nigel. Now, you’re lying. You knew. He must’ve told you in one way or another. But you knew. A man doesn’t look at another’s man’s friend and not want her.”

“Jonas sure as hell didn’t want you, Lil. Not saying that you’re not attractive or nothing-”

I scoffed, turning to face him.

“What a lovely thing to say. Keep digging your own grave, Nigel Flint. Just keep digging.”

I slid my chair back, my fingers wiping the tears from my face. I needed to get out of here. I needed to get away from him.

“Do you still talk to Jonas?”

“Hell no. No!” he spat, like I had slapped him.

In truth, I wanted to. Badly.

“Why not?”

“Because he got locked up for raping this one chick, months after you left…” his voice trailed off, and his eyes looked far away, like he was remembering something.

I didn’t say anything. I just waited on the weight of his words to sink in.


“Justice was served. That’s all I wanted. Good on you that you’re not cool with him anymore. I just… You asked me why I left. I didn’t trust you after that. I still don’t. You know Momma was in the hospital our graduation day. She’s doing a lot better. That’s another reason I left. I had to take care of her.”

He rose to stand before I did, practically tugging me into his arms, his large body pressing into mine. I struggled against him but he just held me tighter.

“Let me be here for you now, Lily. Let me be the best friend that you need,” he whispered against the shell of my right ear, while placing a gentle kiss in the middle of my head.

That was the very moment I broke down in his arms, letting everything go. I didn’t say anything once he let me go. I couldn’t say anything. Even though I cried on his shoulder, released it all- as I’m sure he did as well- I still had my guard up.

“Let me be everything you always wanted me to be, Lily.”

My eyes grew large, as I snatched my purse and my messenger bag. Walking towards the door of the café as quickly as my feet would carry me, I walked and I didn’t look back.





I really couldn’t face him after that, so I found myself sitting in my car, with the windows rolled all the way down, my face in my hands. Even more tears streamed from my eyes, and the sobs racked my body, causing me to shake.


The summer heat didn’t do much to aid with calming me down. My inner body temperature was through the roof. I exhaled, glancing to my right, towards Nigel jogging towards my car.

Great. He’s probably coming over here to get to me talk some more.

His hands rested along the edge of the driver’s side door, his fingers curling around the frame. He stuck his head inside, the left side of his lip lifting up slightly, showing off his dimple.

“What do you want, Nigel?”

His voice was deep, serious. His eyes were dilated as he opened his mouth.



The feel of her mouth on mine was enough to make me shiver. I groaned, cupping her ass cheeks in my hands, before lifting her up, pinning her against my bedroom wall.

“You..” she started, sighing against my neck, before planting a kiss against the right side, “do know we need to talk about this-”

“Talk my ass. I love you. You still love me,” I growled, moving us both over to the edge of my bed, before tossing her lightly onto the burgundy sheets. “I plan on letting our bodies do some talking.”

I winked her at, before pulling my wife beater over my head, tossing it on the floor. I was on Lily again before she even had a chance to respond. She giggled, as my hands and lips slid slowly down her body.

She knew I was right. We still loved each other. Five years without each other was more than enough.

No sense in wasting any more time.


© Angel Mystique 




With 2017 Upon Us….

I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a lovely New Year’s Eve and an even greater 2017.

You all have welcomed me with open arms, have taught me so much, have given me words of encouragement and some of us are slowly forming a bond. One of which I pray is an everlasting bond.

I released my first book baby out into the world earlier this month, and to tell you the truth, I am blown away by the love you all have shown LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL. Speaking of LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL, it will only be up for a short while in 2017, as I plan on pulling it from Wattpad. I know. I can’t believe I’m doing it, either. But I have something up my sleeve. I promise. I hope you’ll like it 😉

Until 2017, my lovely souls.

Keep flying…

Love and Light…

Angel Mystique ❤