40,063 words, 27 Days….

Lovely souls!!!

I have news! Great news! WONDERFUL, SPECTACULAR NEWS, EVEN. During October 2017, not only did I decide to take a hiatus from social media (which began 22 September 2017), but I decided I would use the time away to focus on my next writing project. A little history, before I dive into my good news and the outcome of my hiatus.

I picked up a pen when I was eight years young, I picked up and pencil and began writing. I wrote 300 plus pages of a novel that is no longer in my possession and hasn’t been for ages. (That story, along with countless others are no longer in my possession, due to them being stolen and due to a massive moment when my old USB drive decided to erase all of my work, plus tons of character inspiration from it.) 


From that day forward, I knew writing was my calling. This year alone, I have written roughly 106,063 words!!!! In five months. January (Amaze Me), February (Trust Me), May (Sleep Sweetly), June (Sweet Dreams: A Sleep Sweetly Short), a couple of short pieces of my Wattpad account, and now…..


The longest piece I have written this year, let alone EVER.

I’m super proud of this accomplishment as it has been a dream of mine since I picked up that pencil!

I cannot end this blog post without thanking my two Alpha Readers, Critique Partners, and cheerleaders. My boyfriend and author Cedric N. Floyd, along with my literary big sister Raven St. Pierre. You two pushed me when I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that this story was only meant to be 20,000 words. But talking things out and taking a couple of days here and there to breathe… pushed to me this result: my very first novel and 40,063 words. I owe you both so much! Thank you. from the bottom of my heart, all the way to the top…. THANK YOU. 


I’ll keep you posted on my progress, lovely souls.

After my mandatory three-week writing hiatus, I plan to get back to plotting a new story, which I will begin writing in January of 2018. I might do the same self-challenge. WriMo. We shall see. If it worked once, it can work twice, right?


Until next time!



Writing all the things…

Hi, lovely souls!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are well.

As I eluded in  Facebook post, I’m going to try my hand at all the things. And today, I’m going to break those projects down even more for you.

*This is my writing line-up, not my publishing line-up. All release dates will be kept between me, myself, and I, as I do not want to up a date out there and not deliver to you.* 

2017: (4)

  1. Book 2 in a series. Which series? What series? I thought you were a standalone author, Angel. Not so! I’m continuing a dearly beloved book… One that I had fun creating the world for. I’m sure you all know which book I’m referring to 😉 More info on that to come later. 
  2. Book 3 is series above.
  3. Book 3 in a collection of contemporary standalones. You’ll be familiar with Blake and Samantha from TRUST ME  soon. They have decided they aren’t done with me, yet. So, there will be two more books within that universe. 

2018: (2)

  1. Super secret project 1: another fantasy book. That’s all I’m going to say. 
  2. Super secret project 2: another contemporary. This one *might* be within the TRUST Me universe. 

2019: information to come.


So, I know I’m still being super evasive, but I hope you’re just as excited as I am for my writing journey!

Thoughts? Am I doing too much?

Until next time, lovely souls!

Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x 

OH! Wait! I’m thinking of starting an exclusive, limited membership street/launch team. Yay? Nay? More information on this to come (if I decide to do it!)


Hi, lovely souls!

I’m back with more information about the wonderful collaboration I am taking part in! I’m so excited, as this will be my debut release!!!

Let me share a bit about the line-up.

14 stories. 14 authors. You remember your favorite bed-time fairy tales, right? Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & The Beast (can’t wait too see Emma Watson as Belle this weekend!), Snow White…. Red Riding Hood. You know all the classics…!

There may even be a few you’ve never heard of….

But, what we’ve done… is flipped them upside down, and we aren’t turning them right-side up. 😉 

My story is a F’D Up retelling of…. Sleeping Beauty! The cover reveal is coming this week. Most likely on Friday.

This story… well, the first draft…. Took me only 5 days to write/type. It’s short… a bit shorter than anticipated, but that’s where editing comes in, right? 😉

Speaking of which, I’m off to my editing cave right now… and to get my head back into the groove of writing a short story.

So, be on the lookout…

Friday, May 24, 2017…

I’ll be revealing the cover for my F’D UP FAIRY TALES novella, along with the title 😉

Until next time, Angel!

Keep flying high….


Love is…

Hi, lovely souls! I hope you all are well!

As we close out the first month of this new year, I have some news to share with you. So, get ready to read 🙂

Firstly, this month has been quite a struggle for me as far as getting the words on the page. I had a plan, and the plan shifted so much that I almost gave up with one series. After a conversation with a couple of people, I finally decided to sit down and begin this series.

I’m sure you all remember the story I posted on Wattpad. If you don’t or are not aware, no worries. The first book in the series (yes, it’s a series now 😉 ) is going to be in the works soon (as in today).

I truly believe that the world (and more importantly) the romance community needs my stories. I believe that I need my stories. They need to be written, completed, and in your hands.

And they will be.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me as I write.

I promise I will keep you posted on my progress. I’m looking forward to sharing the LOVE SO… SERIES world with you all.

I hope you will be, too 😉

Until next time!

Keep flying high…

XOXO Angel