Well, it’s HERE, LOVELY SOULS!!!! The day we (hopefully) all have been waiting for!

The release of my fourth book baby TRUST ME. Blake and Samantha’s story is now LIVE for your 1-clicking and reading pleasure!!!

Here’s the cover, the blurb, and the link to purchase:


Sometimes, all it takes is trust.

Blake Harper has only loved one woman: Samantha Chandler.

The one woman who broke his heart years ago. Blake finds a way to get in touch with her again. Who knew she would say yes to meeting face to face again? Who knew she would allow herself another chance with him?

Who knew they both would begin to trust each other… surprising each other along the way?

 TRUST ME is Blake and Samantha’s story of redemption. Join them, as they find themselves all over again- together.


AMAZON US: http://a.co/fKOAE9Q

AMAZON CAN: http://a.co/30McIW8

AMAZON FR: http://amzn.eu/1rt60he

*and all other Amazon international sites*

I really hope you enjoy TRUST ME! If you do (or even if you don’t) please consider leaving a review. It would make my heart happy! So very happy! Then, I could know what you like and want to read from me next!

TRUST ME is the book that flips the gigantic epic novel that is my writing/publishing journey. Book Baby #4! That’s right. It is with deep sadness and great joy that on the day I release Blake and Samantha into the world, my first chapter as a published author comes to an end.

2017 was just the start: SLEEP SWEETLY & it’s follow-up conclusion SWEET DREAMS help me spread my wings into another genre: Fantasy. They were the first fantasy books I’ve ever written, but I’m surprised (and pleased) to say that they won’t be the last.

AMAZE ME was my step into Black Love Romances. Anyone who knows me can attest to the simple fact that I am a hopeful romantic. Which is why come 2018 I’ll be releasing my series of Romantic Realism books!!!

There is a book that is near and dear to my heart: the first novella I ever finished! I finished it October 2016, but more on that to come later down the road.

Back to the joy at hand: ENJOY TRUST ME, LOVELY SOULS. Like it? Hate it? Reread it a couple times over? Leave a review and share it with your friends and family!

All of my writing magic pixie dust,

Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x


It’s Official!!!!



I can barely contain my excitement, as SLEEP SWEETLY is LIVE  & I have made my debut into the world of ‘published author’. That feels so good to say. You have NO IDEA, or maybe you do. You have been in my shoes before, right? 😉

After almost a decade of setbacks, God saw fit to allow me to publish my first short novella this week.

I’m over the moon with glee right now!!!!!

God is sooooooo WONDERFUL! He placed the most amazing people in my life, and I know, you, dear reader, are one of them! 

I hope you all enjoy my debut. Please spread the word to everyone you know, readers and non (LOL).

I’m so thankful for all of you, and keep a look out for my next two books: AMAZE ME & TRUST ME  coming in June and July 12th of this year.

Until next time.

Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x 



Coming soon…

Hi, lovely readers!

Yes! I cannot believe that in 9 days, I will be sharing my first (ever) completed book with you all. Here’s a quick cover reveal and a little taste of chapter one!

You can follow me on Wattpad, as I will be posting daily chapters that will run from 1 December 2016 until its completion- roughly mid-December.

LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL is my first work, but I can guarantee you, it won’t be my last. This is just the beginning, and I wanted to share my humble beginning with all of you.

This is my ‘thank you’ to you, lovely souls!

Until next time,

Keep flying…



Hi! I’m Angel Mystique…

Welcome to my website!!!!! Take a look around.

Here is a bit of my writing journey….
As I truly embark upon taking writing seriously… Well, shall I say, taking my God-given gift as a writer- and now author- seriously, allow me to first tell you how I came to be where I am today.
My journey started long before I was birthed into the world. Before my face or name became real to the Earth, my mother instilled in me a love for reading, which fostered (and still fosters) my love and passion for writing.
At the tender age of eight years old, I picked up a pencil and some college-ruled notebook paper and wrote my very first novel. No, it won’t be seeing the light of day. Why, you ask? It was stolen- along with some many books I had collected and been given over the years- when I moved from my childhood home to the house where I currently reside.

Nevertheless, it was 300 pages, maybe more.
Since that time, I have tried and failed and tried and failed (until recently) to complete a first draft. There were bits and pieces that I saved onto a USB drive for many years, along with tons of visuals for characters I had in mind. During early 2013, the “faithful” USB that I had… Well, when I went to insert it into my laptop, everything I had on there was instantly erased… gone. And I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. THING.
I cried, cried some more… Then once the shock passed, I remembered that I had some stories handwritten in my closet downstairs. I had to start all over, and it wasn’t a fun process. To date, my stories and characters and ideas keep evolving. Thank God for discovering Google Drive! Only two older ideas from back then still exist today: an erotic series and a series set in Hollywood. Both of them will contain love stories or romances.
Fast forward, as of today, November 19, 2016, I have finally completed my very first manuscript. Handwritten… in seven days. 20,223 words. From October 1- October 8, I wrote… and accomplished my lifelong goal- finishing a story! (Seriously, it’s on my vision board!) ☺ I don’t know when it will be published, but one day, my very first milestone will be published and in your hands.

As of now, I am working on plotting my second work.
As completing my second college degree comes to a close, (Thank You, GOD!) October through December 10, 2016 is definitely going to be a wild ride; one that I am so ready for!
From eight until now, I finally feel like an author! (Even though in 2015, I published my first poetry book via LuluPress… but still.)
A lifelong goal of mine… A DREAM… has finally been accomplished, and I’m ready to keep adding finished works to my list. Stories that will one day be in your hands, dear reader.
Why not use my gift that God has blessed me with to touch your life as well? Because, that’s all I really want anyway- for my words and stories and characters to touch you… possibly even change the way you think… if but for a moment.
Oh, and I want you to love and fall in love, and be in love over and over… 😉 I am a romance and love story writer after all.
There’s so much more I’m leaving out of my journey, but you have the gist of it now.
Wish me luck? I’ll be wishing you and sending you all the magic pixie writing dust I can send your way!