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Happy Monday! I’m here with the latest from the lovely, Author DANIELLE ALLEN: DISASTERS IN DATING. Here is the cover reveal for her latest book baby, along with the blurb! Be sure to head on over to Goodreads and add it to your WTR list!

Dating is hard.
Dating online is hard.
Dating online in your thirties is hard.
Dating online in your thirties after being in a ten-year relationship is hard.
What’s not hard?
Meeting men who aren’t really single.
Having your time wasted.
Receiving unsolicited pictures of genitalia.
Said genitalia.
When did dating become so complicated?
I just want to find a nice, good looking man who replies to my entire text message and doesn’t text me “WYD” every hour. I just want to find a fun loving, intelligent man who doesn’t have a Master’s Degree in Cheating, Shenanigans and Tomfoolery and isn’t fluent in lies. I just want to find a man who is actually the height he listed in his dating profile.
I jumped back into the dating scene with tempered expectations. I didn’t think all the men I would meet were going to be amazing, but I didn’t think so many of them were going to be disasters.



Sounds great, right? 😉 I know!
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