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I just wanted you to know that my third published work: SWEET DREAMS: A SLEEP SWEETLY SHORT (BOOK 2) is NOW LIVE!

24 June 2017! Welcome to the world, SWEET DREAMS! 😀

Here is the order link, as well as the cover and blurb!

Sweet Dreams- SS book 2 (2)

Teagan Sinclair just wants to breathe again. Trapped in the shadow of her missing sister, grappling with her senior year of high school, Teagan has had her fair share of pain. From the loss of her sister, to being disconnected from her parents, she’s had about all she can take.

Until life throws her some more uncommon… almost out of this world occurrences to add to her plate. When a handsome stranger seems to know her better than she knows herself, it’s just the beginning…
Of what very well could be the end.


ORDER NOW: http://a.co/7s2t2X3 

I hope you enjoy this interesting conclusion to my SLEEP SWEETLY world. 😀 ❤

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Superhumans, girls, and…

Hi, lovely souls!

Happy Wednesday! How are you all? I hope you are well. So, what am I going to talk about today? I’m going to give you a little peek into the lives of the other two heroines within the Sleep Sweetly Series. Universe? Series.

Oh, right! That’s right. I’ve made a few, small changes to the cover of Sleep Sweetly.

1. Sleep Sweetly Book 1 Cover

See? 🙂 Small.

Well, there are two more books within the Sleep Sweetly Series. And in the back of Book 1, I added the first chapter for the second book (a side short, really)- SWEET DREAMS. Seeing as this story is a side short, I’ve decided to place it on pre-order. The link should be live soon! 😀 I will update this post when the link is live. 

I’m here to talk about the girls… and their superpowers! Yes, the other two girls in this series are superhuman….. (Ooooohhhh!!!)

We see Teagan’s power unveiled in the side short, SWEET DREAMS. She’s got the ability to harness and unleash lightening and create storms as a means of defense and protection.

In book 2, my heroine Paisley’s power in all things water. Aqua-woman, if you will. Her story will be a WIP sometime next month.

So, do any of you write superhero stories? Seeing as this is my first time venturing into this sub genre of fantasy, I’m excited.

Any tips? Tricks? Leave me a comment below! 😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday, lovely souls!

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Happy Tuesday, lovely souls! I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day! Seeing as it’s #TeaserTuesday, I thought I’d bring you one.

This one is from my debut book baby: SLEEP SWEETLY.

Share your thoughts with me? 🙂

She sighed. It had been a year since the moment she found herself waking up in this part of the woods. A deep cove of nothing but trees and moss, hidden away from the rest of the wild, crazy forest. It offered her comfort, or at least that was how she felt the first few times.
Now, she needed answers.
She needed for him to set her free. Instantly.
Because the sleepless nights, or the times when she would wake up in cold sweats, weren’t cutting it anymore.
People around her thought she was crazy. She kept her head down, conversations short (apart from conversing with Jamie). She was open to him, now that Jerome had died. More open, really.
And as Riley closed her eyes, listening to the still, quiet of the forest, she felt him. Felt Jerome standing behind her.
“I’m right here, Rome. What do you want, babe? What do you want from me?” Her voice was barely above a whisper, as she opened her eyes a moment later.
Turning around, her eyes met pitch black. More darkness everywhere she looked. For miles, there was nothing but the darkness of night, yielding more time without Jerome speaking to her.
But she felt him.
“Jerome?” she called out to him again, her voice rising in pitch. Her entire body bent over, pressed toward the ground until she was laying with her right cheek to the Earth; her knees touching her chest. She whispered his name over and over… Until she swore she could hear his heart beating. Until she succumbed to the exhaustion of crying, accompanied by the heaviness behind her eyelids.
She wasn’t afraid to close her eyes and dream.




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