40,063 words, 27 Days….

Lovely souls!!!

I have news! Great news! WONDERFUL, SPECTACULAR NEWS, EVEN. During October 2017, not only did I decide to take a hiatus from social media (which began 22 September 2017), but I decided I would use the time away to focus on my next writing project. A little history, before I dive into my good news and the outcome of my hiatus.

I picked up a pen when I was eight years young, I picked up and pencil and began writing. I wrote 300 plus pages of a novel that is no longer in my possession and hasn’t been for ages. (That story, along with countless others are no longer in my possession, due to them being stolen and due to a massive moment when my old USB drive decided to erase all of my work, plus tons of character inspiration from it.) 


From that day forward, I knew writing was my calling. This year alone, I have written roughly 106,063 words!!!! In five months. January (Amaze Me), February (Trust Me), May (Sleep Sweetly), June (Sweet Dreams: A Sleep Sweetly Short), a couple of short pieces of my Wattpad account, and now…..


The longest piece I have written this year, let alone EVER.

I’m super proud of this accomplishment as it has been a dream of mine since I picked up that pencil!

I cannot end this blog post without thanking my two Alpha Readers, Critique Partners, and cheerleaders. My boyfriend and author Cedric N. Floyd, along with my literary big sister Raven St. Pierre. You two pushed me when I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that this story was only meant to be 20,000 words. But talking things out and taking a couple of days here and there to breathe… pushed to me this result: my very first novel and 40,063 words. I owe you both so much! Thank you. from the bottom of my heart, all the way to the top…. THANK YOU. 


I’ll keep you posted on my progress, lovely souls.

After my mandatory three-week writing hiatus, I plan to get back to plotting a new story, which I will begin writing in January of 2018. I might do the same self-challenge. WriMo. We shall see. If it worked once, it can work twice, right?


Until next time!



It’s happening.

Lovely souls,

I think this needs a slight explanation. I’m sure more of you all were excited about the massive WIP list for me, and I was also. Things happen. Life happens. So, with that said, as of now, my SLEEP SWEETLY SERIES is complete. You have SLEEP SWEETLY & the side short, technically Book 2.

I thought I could write all the things and be ‘superwoman’. I quickly found out that is NOT the case. As of today, until probably next year, I’m taking a much-needed break from writing, as well as social media.

Releasing 4 stories within my first year of being a published author, permanently axing two story ideas isn’t going to keep me down for too long. Just a few months.

February 2018 you will receive my next to-be-published work. Hopefully, this time will be a time of reflection, rest, rejuvenation, and I’ll be stronger than I was this year.

I know most writers take a much longer break than I am taking. I know some need shorter to recoup.

You may see some posts about work of other author friend’s of mine. So, my website will be active. I just won’t be updating you personally.

At any rate, I will be thinking of you. I hope you will be thinking of and praying for me.

Until next time…

Keep flying high,

Angel Mystique x 

This writer is….

You guessed it, lovely souls.

I’m experiencing writer burn out. For real, this time. I guess the hype and excitement from finally publishing my first book, then the second book baby, and waiting for my third book baby to go live on July 12th of this year… has gotten to me.

I tried to start a new story yesterday, and the words just were not flowing. I blame myself, partly. And I also blame other issues I shall not discuss.

Why do I blame myself? I haven’t given myself the proper time to ‘stop and smell roses‘, so to speak. I haven’t given myself time to just… breathe and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’ve wanted this… dreamed of becoming a published author for YEARS. DECADES even.

And I need to celebrate the fact that in nearly a month and a half, I have published 2 books, with a third on the way. My first year as an author, I’ve published 3 books. That’s incredible and amazing, and so very humbling. I still am in awe every time I go to Amazon and type my name into the search bar.

It’s still so surreal. I pray it always will be.

I said all of that to say this: I’m on hiatus for a few months. No writing. Tons of reading (which started this morning. My backlist of TBR books is HUGE, and they are waiting for me). And lastly?

Enjoying my time and basking in the beauty of the title of published author.

Have any of you dealt with (or are currently dealing with) writer burn out? Any tips?

I know this isn’t a happy-go-lucky, uplifting post, but I just wanted to be transparent with you.

I hope you understand (and relate, if applicable).

Catch you around, lovely souls.


Keep flying high!

Angel Mystique x 

Meet Jude and Vienna Today!

Hi, lovely souls!

Happy Thursday! So, Jude and Vienna, my next couple, is LIVE and so ready for you to read their story!

My second book baby AMAZE ME is now LIVE on Amazon!

Here’s more about the story:

Amaze Me, a black love contemporary short story, centers around Jude and Vienna- two misunderstood adults looking for the right kind of love. After having experienced many setbacks when it came to relationships, both of them are ready to move on to someone new. Walk with them, as Jude and Vienna discover what love can be when it amazes them.

I’m so proud of this story, and I hope that shows!


Thank you for being so patient with me.

Happy Reading, lovely souls!!!


News & Cover Reveals!!!!

Hi, lovely souls! Happy Monday!

Today, I wanted to bring you all a little something different. As the title of this post states, I’ve completed not one… but three books. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with you since their completion.

All three of these books will be published this year. With the first one, SLEEP SWEETLY debuting on Amazon 19 May 2017. The next two books, AMAZE ME & TRUST ME will be released on 12 June 2017 and 12 July 2017.

I’ll share everything about all three books, so if you’ve been patiently waiting to hear when my books were finally coming out, stay tuned 😀

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Hi, lovely souls!

I’m back with more information about the wonderful collaboration I am taking part in! I’m so excited, as this will be my debut release!!!

Let me share a bit about the line-up.

14 stories. 14 authors. You remember your favorite bed-time fairy tales, right? Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & The Beast (can’t wait too see Emma Watson as Belle this weekend!), Snow White…. Red Riding Hood. You know all the classics…!

There may even be a few you’ve never heard of….

But, what we’ve done… is flipped them upside down, and we aren’t turning them right-side up. 😉 

My story is a F’D Up retelling of…. Sleeping Beauty! The cover reveal is coming this week. Most likely on Friday.

This story… well, the first draft…. Took me only 5 days to write/type. It’s short… a bit shorter than anticipated, but that’s where editing comes in, right? 😉

Speaking of which, I’m off to my editing cave right now… and to get my head back into the groove of writing a short story.

So, be on the lookout…

Friday, May 24, 2017…

I’ll be revealing the cover for my F’D UP FAIRY TALES novella, along with the title 😉

Until next time, Angel!

Keep flying high….


With 2017 Upon Us….

I just wanted to wish each and every one of you a lovely New Year’s Eve and an even greater 2017.

You all have welcomed me with open arms, have taught me so much, have given me words of encouragement and some of us are slowly forming a bond. One of which I pray is an everlasting bond.

I released my first book baby out into the world earlier this month, and to tell you the truth, I am blown away by the love you all have shown LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL. Speaking of LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL, it will only be up for a short while in 2017, as I plan on pulling it from Wattpad. I know. I can’t believe I’m doing it, either. But I have something up my sleeve. I promise. I hope you’ll like it 😉

Until 2017, my lovely souls.

Keep flying…

Love and Light…

Angel Mystique ❤